The Negative and Positive Effects of Choices and Decision Making

Published: 23rd March 2010
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Having to make a choice or a decision can be a hard burden to bear.

Many people that are qualified and sometimes not qualified to make choices and decisions are appointed to positions of authority and at times not everyone will agree upon what has been decided but may be forced to comply.

When choices or decisions are made they can drastically affect changes in your life and the lives of many other people.

There are many negative aspects of having to make bad choices or decisions such as ignorance, anger, disbelief, frustration, hate, just to name a few. When those feelings surface, the results can be devastating. They can break down the level of trust one has for another. There are times that a person is forced to have to make a choice or decision just to satisfy the needs of others and that alone can cause resentment within their relationship. They should always be made after having enough time and much consideration for all that are involved.

There are also many positive aspects of having to make good choices or decisions such as trust, confidence, admiration, love, belief, increased knowledge and faith in the outcome of the strategically planned action.

The advantages of good choices and decisions build relationships and encourages people to continually strive for more, better, greatness.

Naturally, people feel that they have the best information and knowledge related to a situation to be able to make a mature choice or decision, we all do. But when the efforts are not beneficial to all, do not allow it to alter your way of thinking or change your level of belief.

If possible, make choices and decisions for yourself. When making them for others, be fair and considerate.
Knowledge just like choices and decisions will always prevail.

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